If you own a small business website, you will know getting found on Google and other search engines is very important to attract customers.

There are some easy ways to get your website found on search engines by using various SEO techniques.

If your website is made using WordPress, then there are useful SEO plugins you can install to maximize your content.

My favourite WordPress SEO plug-in is by a company called Yoast. By adding title tags and meta descriptions to your posts and pages, this will help let Google know of important keywords. These keywords then get searched by potential visitors.

So how do we check a website's SEO?

For a comprehensive SEO report we use SEOptimer.

This is a free SEO check that will identify any weaknesses in your websites SEO.  You enter your website address and await the report.  Just Web Services knows how to correct any weaknesses identified by the report and how to enhance your website search engine optimisation.

If you are interested in small business SEO, then please get in touch.

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