If you have landed on this blog post, then you are more than likely interested in what people think about Krystal hosting*.

Before I begin, let me just prove to you that my websites are hosted and domains registered with Krystal.  Or, you can also check via this WHOIS domain check.

Here are a couple of examples of the domains I own and proof that Krystal is the registrar:

So, now that you know I use Krystal to host my websites, and where I register my domains, please find my honest review below.

Krystal Hosting Review 2021

The overall rating I would give Krystal, is 5 stars out of 5 for their web hosting service.

Their Trustpilot score:

We’re rated Excellent

4.9 out of 5 based on 1,190 reviews.

Here are 10 reasons why I rate Krystal a 5:

  1. They are UK based, you can speak to them or use the online chat and they sort support tickets out quickly
  2. My websites have never been offline
  3. Krystal are well priced for hosting and domains
  4. Free SSL certificates with every website
  5. cPanel access
  6. Easy to install WordPress (my go to CMS)
  7. You can earn money from their referral scheme
  8. They have an affiliate programme
  9. Krystal is an eco-friendly company
  10. Very knowledgeable staff

If you are looking for a decent UK based company to host your website, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Krystal.

A number of my friends use them, and once they sign up, they don’t need to contact them. I set their websites up, but they purchase the hosting plans and their domain.

The reason I recommend Krystal is because I am not a hosting company. I just set up WordPress websites for small businesses. So, essentially, I need a good hosting company to deal with, because of the amount of websites I build.

If you want to give Krystal a try, you are welcome to use my discount code. This gives you upto £10 off web hosting.

So, in summary, Krystal Hosting are one of the best UK based companies offering eco-friendly hosting.

Thanks for reading.

* Denotes an affiliate link

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