Free images and logo for your small business

Free images and logo for your small business

When starting out as a small business you maybe on a tight budget to set up a website.

There are free website resources on the internet to help out with things like images and a company logo.

At Just Web Services we not only provide a low cost website but also help people find free content to help keep costs down.

So where do you get free images and logos from?

A number of image websites offer totally free pictures, photos and illustrations that you can use copyright free on your website.  This will prevent you getting into trouble by using someone else’s digital property.

Free Images for Websites

There are two main websites I use for free images.

These are:

The above sites offer 3 million royalty free images combined although the same photos do appear on both sites at times.

Here are some examples of free images available:

Free Logos

If you are on the look out for a free logo for you small business then I would recommend Free Logo Design.

Thanks for reading and I hope this post helps you out.

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